Group Coaching

Why Group Coaching is effective? 

Support from...

  • Connect with a community of women like you, on the same path, but at different stages. 

  • Meet a community of women who understand the emotional journey you’re on. 

  • There is power in a community of women who will listen to you publicly declare what you want to do and hold you accountable for achieving it.

Join a community of women who can give you the vision and the compass you need to actually make it to where you want to go by the end of the year.

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Are you Ready for a JUMP start?

Are you ready for a JUMP start?
The 6 Week Fit & Healthy Workshop is all about giving you a much needed jump. It's about not making excuses, but rather holding yourself accountable and going to the next level.
       You will be taking 6 weeks to really focus on "YOU" and what's really important.

So what is the 6 week Fit & Healthy all about? It's about creating a strategic, step-by-step plan that WILL give you the tools you'll need to move your into the Fit & Healthy LIfestyle. It's not a DIET it's a lifestyle and you will continue to work on the things you've learned throughout the upcoming year. 

The Truth is, if you don't take action and make little incremental changes it will be much harder to accomplish your goals. This can be hard to do alone and by identifying where you are right now and where you want to go you can, and WILL, become UNSTOPPABLE! 

 What's in it for you.....

  • Learn what REALLY motivates you.
  • Receive 2 - 30 minute private one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Before and After Body Stats.
  • Suggested Detox and Meal Plan.
  • Exercise plan for gym or home.
  • Food Demos in the kitchen. 
  • Goal Setting. 
  • And much MORE!


This is an IN-HOME workshop

(the host gets her workshop for FREE)

Improving every client's lifestyle, one healthy habit at a time.